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Turmeric Brighting  Body Scrub

Our New Turmeric Scrub doesn't stain your skin or nails !!!

*** Waxers and Estheticians please contact us for  orders.


     We have added Licorice Root it has soothing effect on skin and helps to ease inflammation and it has antimicrobial properties. Licorice Root Extract helps brighten the appearance of your dark spots and discoloration.  It's been shown to help  break up patches of melanin you already have, helping them disperse.   This scrub helps with  bumps and ingrown hairs to eliminate by exfoliating dead skins cells.  Leaving your pores unclogged and silky smooth. You’ll notice a difference in your skins surface tension and buildup breakouts. This scrub  cleans the pores, hydrates the skin and makes the skin soft & supple.  We use  five exfoliators;  Sugar, Himalayan Salt, Soy Scrub, Poppy Seeds and  Jojoba Beads.  This Scrub  exfoliates, hydrates, softens and smooths. We have added a cleanser so no need for soap. 


Key Ingredients:

Kachur Sugandhi ( White Turmeric Powder) - is enriched in antioxidants beneficial to the skin.

Licorice Root - has a soothing effect on skin and helps to ease inflammation. The glycyrrhizin found in licorice can reduce redness, irritation and swelling. Studies have found that the skin lightening compound found in licorice root called liquiritin can help lighten your skin.

Exfoliators- these are natural  exfoliators Sugar, Himalayan Salt, Soy Scrub, Poppy Seeds and  Jojoba Beads. 


*** Jars may look different.

No added Sulfates, No added Phthalates, No added Parabens

No added Gluten, No added  Mineral Oil

No added Silicone, Free of Artificial Colors, Free of  Artificial Fragrances


5 ounces

Caution: When getting in and out of tub beware that the oils in the scrubs might make the tub slippery.

    Turmeric Brighting Body Scrub

    SKU: 0000P2

    How to Use: 

    Once you are done cleaning your body. Scoop  between fingers, apply to wet skin and gently massage in a circular motion.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Great to use before waxing  if using after waxing wait  3 days.  For best results use this scrub 2-3 times a week in the shower.

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