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Double Cleansing Set

    This duo has everything you need to Double Cleanse. It includes our  Cleansing Oil (Step 1) and our Goat Milk & Collagen Facial Cleansing Bar (Step 2). Double Cleansing Set gently removes  stubborn acne-causing impurities from the skin, including makeup, and lifts away pore-clogging oils with a silky, non-tugging slip.  

This two-step cleansing technique helps to balance the skin, leaving it purified and properly hydrated.  Double Cleanse gives a more thorough cleanse, but it can also revitalize dull skin and allow other skin care products to penetrate more effectively. Double cleanse is great for those how wear makeup, heavy makeup,  transfer-resistant makeup,exposed to air pollutionor elements, mineral-based sunscreen and  acne prone skin.

First Step: cleansing oil 4oz

Second Step: Goat Milk Soap Bar 4oz


Double Cleansing Set

SKU: 0000040

Double Cleansing once a day at night.

Cleansing Oil 

Massage a quarter-sized dollop of cleansing oil onto dry facial skin for 60 seconds.Wet a clean washcloth with warm water and place it onto. Gently wipe away impurities,  excess oil with washcloth.

Goat Milk & Collagen Soap Bar

Splash skin with water, lather bar between your hands, massage product onto skin, rinse and pat dry. Follow with toner, serum & cream.

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